Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Him

!±8± Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Him

Find some new and unique stocking stuffer ideas for your favorite guy. Filling a stocking for someone can be a lot of fun. It is a challenge to find a number of small items and choose items they will like.

Try to avoid the old standby items of socks, underwear, toothbrushes, etc. Make the stocking the gift they most look forward to with a little planning and some thought.

The first thing to do is consider the recipient. What is this guy interested in?

Sports Enthusiast:

Tickets to his favorite sporting event. Ski Goggles for the ski or snowboarder. Carabiners so he can attach tools, bottles, ropes, etc to his pack. Backpacker magazine or other magazine that is in his area of interest.

Gadget Lover:

A kindle e-reader to take hundreds of books with him everywhere he goes. A bluetooth headset will let him keep his hands free while driving or playing golf and still talk to his buddies. A touchscreen stylus will allow him to make handwritten notes on his iPad. A portable solar charger will let him charge his gadgets via the sun while he is on the go. A staple free stapler is fun and he will never need to buy, find or pry out staples again.


A headlamp comes in handy when you are camping or working on the car in the garage. The Total Outdoorsman manual by Field & Stream. Adventure medical kits are small and watertight yet essential for those unexpected emergencies. The zippo hand warmer is orderless and stays warm for up to 12 hours. A great stocking stuffer for hunters, ice fisherman and skiers.

Grill Master:

A bottle of his favorite marinade. Propane tank gauge so he will never run out of propane again (a benefit for you as well) Digital pocket thermometer to ensure meat is always cooked safely.

Mechanically inclined:

Magnetic light that can be attached to any metal surface. Magnetic wristband to hold screws, nuts and bolts as he works. Leatherman multi-tool. He should have one for every vehicle.


New gardening gloves. Rain/snow gauge so he knows how much precipitation his garden got in the last storm. Gardening magazine that he hasn't read before. Seed packets for the coming spring.


Mini fuse assortment so he is ready for the next "blowout". Digital tire pressure gauge. USB car power adapter so he can charge his electronics without needing a special "car charger".

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Him

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